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Noovo has a virtual space completely devoted to the universe of Photography, Fashion and Art Jewellery from a unique and exclusively contemporary perspective: a sensory luxury through its own protagonists. Provided with a marked interdisciplinary character, its conception and contents corresponds its approaches such disciplines as cultural and clearly artistic phenomena.

Founded in December 2005, Noovo brings the experience of more than 14 years in the field of Culture and artistic creation, architect and director of cultural projects, such as exhibitions, design and production of international festivals, magazines, publications, conferences… different capabilities that brings a new dimension to the revitalization of each project in particular, with knowledge and skills for planning and management; from the initial idea to the production and final execution. With an extensive networking of national and international contacts at the highest level acquired during this professional career and an extensive knowledge of  communication´s digital tools. Creator of innovative strategic campaigns and able to offer creative concepts of high-level, Noovo encompasses a multi-disciplinary character of immense wealth in possibilities. With the opportunity to offer a broad perspective of creation in three of the areas with greater presence and public interest of the countries more advanced culturally


Since its 2005 foundation, Noovo has had the pleasure of collaborating and featuring through its online and paper editions with many of the most relevant and innovative names from different perspectives of the contemporary Photography, Fashion & Art jewellery fields at international level. With a Data Base of more than 25.000 proffessional contacts. Noovo has built its reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in contemporary art culture. 

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Noovo Editions is a carefully curated network of today’s leading cultural websites and blogs. This affiliation incorporates a group of the most reputable, Museums, sites covering Visual Arts, Fashion and Art Jewellery.

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