Patina Gallery announces that celebrated artist Peter Schmid will present a jewellery exhibition this summer that redefines precision metalwork and subtle progressions in precious stones. Tonal Elegance opens August 11, 2017, as an exploration of the latest works from Atelier Zobel, the German studio famous for daring contemporary jewelry.

“My jewelry is big and bold, but it has a human touch to it,” said Schmid, the creative force behind the Zobel jewellery design studio in Konstanz, Germany. “When I met a client at Patina we together can e press the client’s unique personality”.

Patina has presented an exhibition of Zobel’s most innovative works for 16 consecutive years. Santa Fe collectors prize the jewellery because it is intriguing to the eye and se y to the touch.

Peter Schmid, Of Atelier Zobel. Interview with Patina Gallery. June 2017

How does it motivate you as an artist when you see a client wear your jewellery?
What I make is very personal, and it always ends up that people have to try it on. It’s very personal. A woman wearing a piece completes the process. The piece is nice in a showcase, but the moment a person puts it on, they become complete. That is a great moment. Sometimes I can tell the right piece for the client. Sometimes I pick out the right piece. Sometimes I can only guide them to the right piece. At those times, I have to be patient. The clients have to find the pieces themselves.

What is distinctive about the collection you are unveiling in 2017 at Patina Gallery?
First is a focus on color I love to paint and this time it is just a play of colors as a painting with architectural elements. Secondly, this year I am particularly interested in extraordinary and rare gemstones: paraiba tourmaline, rubellite, untreated rubies. Finally, we want to project playfulness. I deeply want clients to experience the pleasure of enjoying their new art work.

As a maker, why do you like engaging clients in person at Patina?
Jewellery is very intimate, so when I meet a client at Patina I have the chance to get to know who they are, and then how we together can express the client’s unique personality. We love the things we make. I’m happy when I can meet the person who takes our treasures home.

A handmade object is not simply a product it’s an oeuvre d’art … it represents the culminations of our ideas, our spirit, our time and our technical knowledge. Each piece is sketched out then discussed and debated to find the kernel of the idea. Then we work to bring that idea out, there is a pleasure to working this way. I like to communicate that to Patina’s clients.

How has the history between Patina and your studio had an impact on you?
I love to work with Allison. She is so passionate about jewellery. She can focus on the clients, and the clients appreciate that she cares what they like. Patina is one of my favorite galleries. I am excited that Allison and Ivan understand my jewellery.

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