The now annual Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts took place on the historic premises of Alte Post in the heart of Vienna at the end of last April 2017. Through numerous shows, talks, performances, exhibitions as well as a Pop-up Store, the Austrian fashion scene presented itself in its full contemporary diversity.

The festival kicked off with the “AFA- Austrian Fashion Awards 2017“, the most important and most highly endowed awards in the field of Austrian design. The labels FEMME MAISON, WENDY JIM and Rani Bageria as well as young fashion designer Markus Wernitznig received the sought-after awards. This year again, the Austrian Fashion Awards surprised and wowed 700 invited guests with a multimedia fashion presentation. The video installation under the title “Linienwesen“ was created by 4youreye ProjectionArt, with a soundtrack specially conceived by Oliver Aitzetmüller aka Böse Katze.

Aiming to feature national and international fashion practices and to highlight fashion from diverse perspectives -including critical and partially contradictory opinions on the matter- the festival opened its doors to a wide variety of artists, designers and creatives. Each of them was given one ore more rooms in the characteristic spaces of the former general post office where they individually presented their work and ideas as part of the Take Festival “Parcours“.

With an emphasis on strong creative identity and commercial integrity “departure fashion night“ hosted by the Vienna business agency gave a stage to the up and coming designers and labels Anelia Peschev, Astrid Deigner, FERRARI ZÖCHLING, Jana Wieland, ROEE and JS by Julia Skergeth. All of them were given full freedom and support in showcasing their collections ranging from eclectic streetwear to experimental couture.

The single fashion shows of Viennese labels Susa Kreuzberger and KARL MICHAEL completed an already broad picture of contemporary fashion design in Austria.

Due to extensive cooperations with fashion and art institutions, schools, universities, galleries and curators the festival fulfilled its aim to break down borders between different artistic disciplines and provided space for presentation, discussion and networking. Built on this high standard of content and diversity, an engaging and exciting program wowed the audience comprising members of the art, fashion and culture scene as well as the general public.

More Info: http://take-festival.com