At the end of August, St. Moritz Art Masters will launch its tenth edition. Once more this annual art festival will be the highlight of the summer program in St. Moritz. Not only does it offer an extensive art program, it also creates the opportunity for extraordinary encounters.

The idyllic resort in the Upper Engadine was predestined for the project: located at the geographical center of the dynamic economic region between Zurich, Munich, and Milan, St. Moritz with its breathtaking Alpine landscape has always been a meeting point for artists, intellectuals, athletes, business leaders, and bon vivants from around the world. Over the years, its unique blend of style and charm has drawn illustrious figures, from Nietzsche and Segantini to Chaplin and Churchill, allowing for unexpected encounters and the informal exchange of ideas and visions.

For these reasons, Monty Shadow, founder and mastermind of St. Moritz Art Masters, saw in this legendary town the perfect setting to create a platform that encouraged such encounters – inspiring, rewarding, and unexpected. “St. Moritz is a unique place – it’s no surprise to me that many artists have been intrigued by it. They continuously enrich the Engadine with their artworks as well as their intellectual influence.” From the very beginning, the aim of St. Moritz Art Masters has been to make this abundance of inspiration, vision, and artistic perspectives on global affairs the setting for creative conversation. This serves to explain the very international program of exhibits which has been carried out over the past 9 years.

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