Sofya Samareva began creating her unique handmade hats in 2014, blending millinery design with hairstyling to create a range close-fitting, textured, sculptural head pieces. The Sofya’s hats escaped from the box of conservative forms and contexts. Precise processing of traditional felt material transforms this accessory of smart clothing into a playful sculptural object: a wearable and practical head cover is open to unexpected combinations due to novelty of its form.

Sofya creates opportunities for playful manipulation of a human body. With her hats you put a balanced fusion of aesthetic perfectionism with a witty funky combination of art and fashion on your head. For Sofya designing hats is like making sculptures. She freely crosses the line between functional hats and works of art. Bold colors in the form of archetypal hair styles, including the bun and the chignon, create a collection of eight pieces. All hats are hand made (with a lot of care and attention to detail) from the 100 % rabbit felt.

In 2015 Sofya was awarded the first prize as “Best Accessories Designer” at the Central European Competition “Gombold Ujra!” for her sculptural collection “Hair in Motion”, consisting of five art pieces. She won second prize at the Czech Grand Design Awards as “Upcoming Talent of the Year 2015” for her “Cactus Hat” and “Rope Hat” collections and was one of seven Czech designers winning the first place at the “International Fashion Showcase 2016” in London for “Best Country”.

Her most recently collaborations include “Hatback” for the Czech design duo ALEXMONHART (Prague Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017), “Depending On Ground” for Muslin Brothers (Tel Aviv Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016) or for MOTO GUO Tokyo Fall/ Winter 2017, to name a few.

The collection “Hair Hat” is the artist’s response to her own desire of constantly changing hairstyles and to often try something new. It is playing with endless possibilities and experimenting with stylish and original aesthetics. This inventive approach allows the creation of a new, revolutionary iconography that stands in a dialog with the present perspectives in hat design.

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