MONDO GALERIA and Dorado Suites Ibiza presents on 27th June the opening cocktail of an exhibition with 14 original photographs of singers and bands whose names are on the doors of each room, along with their most famous gold certified records.

Photography and the electric guitars have been linked since the beginnings of Rock ‘n’ roll. It would be impossible to understand the history of the music that revolutionized the 20th century without the unforgettable photos of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones. This link will be come even stronger with the exhibition that Dorado Ibiza Suites and Mondo Galeria are preparing for summer 2017. The Ibizean hotel, a consecrated temple of rock, will become an art gallery when the original photos of 14 musical legends are hunged up in each of the fabulous suites at Dorado. These photos will match the name of the artist on the door.

27th June is the chosen day to inaugurate this photographic exhibition, amplifying even further the sound of “We Are The Champions” by Queen or “Light My Fire” by The Doors. Diego Alonso, director of Mondo Galeria, one of the most important artistic spaces in Madrid, is the person responsible for choosing the iconic pictures, masterpieces captured by the eye of seven photographers including: Terry o’Neill, Alfred Wertheimer and Juan Pérez-Fajardo.

The clients who stay at Dorado Ibiza Suites will enjoy the silent company of David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Blondie and Loquillo among others. The superbly decorated suites, by Ilmiodesign, will become even more attractive. Julio Iglesias won’t be missing this party either, with a suite dedicated to the Spanish master at Dorado. His famous “Soy un truhán, soy un señor” is one of the most popular albums in music history. Rock ‘n’ roll lovers who get some shut eye in this Playa d’en Bossa establishment will also be able to buy the photographs from the show and take a little bit of Rock ‘n’ roll history back home.

This new experience came to reality after a casual meeting with Diego Calvo, one of the partners of Dorado Ibiza Suites. Diego Alonso explained “We thought that each suite would be even cooler with photographs of each person in the room, taken by photographers who are as iconic as the artists in the photos. The photos add to the experience of each room which have: turntables, Marshall fridges and showerheads in the form of vintage microphones where you can pretend to be Elvis”

Some of the photographers whose works will be on show will also be present at the opening cocktail. For example Juan Pérez-Fajardo, one of the leading photographers in Spanish and international rock. He said “For me, it’s an honor to have two of my photos shown in a hotel such as Dorado, that pays homage in such a brilliant way to artists that I have always loved. When I was a kid my dream was to have my own band and emulate my idols. However, over time I realized that what I really had talent for was photography, not music. With my camera I have shot the day to day of many tours. It’s a huge responsibility as well as a joy that so many bands have confided in me to take pictures. I want my photos to make you dream and transmit the music that is being played”.

More Info: http://www.mondogaleria.com