Bilk Gallery is pleased to present “Shared Concerns” an exhibition of work by eight jewellers from Australia, Denmark and the United States. Shared Concerns is an exhibition documenting the meeting of this group of artists, who where initially brought together to work in the famed Penland craft studios in the mountains of North Carolina.

As a group they shared the intimate ‘concerns’ of their practice, and in turn each has created a small suite of works that interprets the ‘concern’ of another group member. This occurred more formally though a word exchange, the artists were asked to share a word that encapsulated the main concern of their practice. Words were swapped at random so that each person received a different word to use as a part of the inspiration for their new works. The pieces begun during The groups Winter Residency at Penland and were then finished in their respective home studios.

It is interesting to see how each artist has dealt with the new word that has been introduced into their practice. The words shared for this project were: connection, time, sexual, inspiration, fuse, sprawl, control and analogous. For some it seems a natural fit, for others initial frustrations were shared with outcomes unexpected. However the work on display is a wonderful extension of each artists practice and the new work formed as part of this group is interesting and diverse as the shared concerns.

More Info: http://www.bilk.com.au