A  BRON  (source) is a beginning, a starting point. Different ‘things’ are bubbling up and coming out of sources, both literally as well as figuratively. In SOURCE, the retrospective exhibition of Ruudt Peters, the sources of his work are the main focus. Peters shares in this exhibition not only his work, but also what inspires him at the deepest level.

Alchemy, nature, the human body, beauty, the subconscious, intuition, spirituality and sexuality; everything has been a source of inspiration and was the beginning of a quest for Peters. His starting point is his curiosity in the essence and mystery of our existence. He immerses himself in unfamiliar subjects, cultures and materials. From there he observes and develops his jewellery, which is not a literal translation of what his eyes see, but a continuous inducement to connect with his own essence. His jewellery is a creation and internalization of his thoughts and imagination, which penetrates to the core of our identity and our existence.

The exhibition is a search for the source in which the visitor is welcome to join. What is the essence? That is the question with which Peters wants to invite the visitor to the exhibition and into his world. A world of Peters and his experiences, which simultaneously reflect time and historical events. A world that tries to penetrate to the purest feelings and emotions. A world animated with soul and afflatus.

The works are presented in a mysterious space which suggest a universe and a micro vs macro cosmos. Peters’ jewellery is floating around in glass ‘planets’ between craters, geysers and bubbling sources.

The visitor is invited to find his way and establish links between the 120 different jewellery-‘planets’. The various jewels are in connection with each other and together form a fluid process of successive events and sources of inspiration. Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Fall and rise. Uncertainty. Discovery. Curiosity. Source!

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