“The 92 summer changed my life when i discovered on TV the US basketball team called the “Dream Team” dominate the Olympics of Barcelona. Their style of play was like poetry in motion and like many, I fell in complete admiration. I was 10 years old. I became what you can call a “sneakerhead”. I was an unconditional fan of basketball (which i played for 10 years at high level) and of sneaker culture. From being an Intern at Berluti to become a shoes collection director I learned about shoes at Berluti where I discovered the leather craftsmanship working on shoes like painters with their canvasses. I was really attracted with the craft of working highly qualitative materials of the luxury shoe House.

Then I have directed for 10 years shoes collections for Ready To Wear houses, learning everyday on shoes techniques. Over time, I have figured out that I have my own creative vision that I needed to express in my own way with a collection under my name”, explains Lionel Le Floch, founder of the brand.

The parisian label reflects on his journey and sensitivity. Its goal is to be a bridge between technical sportswear innovation and high quality craftsmanship with poetry and refinement. Le Flow’s universe is truly inspired by art, textures, poetry, the street, music and basketball. We can name some references such as urban poet Genesis The Grey Kid, the painter Akihito Takuma or photographer Kevin Couliau. The aesthetic of the brand is dark, poetic, textured but bright and always with a touch of grey.

Innovation is present as much as style wise as it is by technical making and materials used (EVA rubber sole, innovative elastic calf…) The ambition of the brand is to always push the envelope in design and technology. The traditional shoe making was a no brainer for the brand. The leathers are selected from the most beautiful tanneries in Italy and France. The lining is in veal to have the best comfort. The production is made in Portugal with the highest qualitative standards and irreproachable ethical conditions.

Inspired by the paintings of Akihito Takuma, LE FLOW Paris has developed a special technique of injection of paint into the rubber of the soles. The paint injected comes out randomly into the soles making each shoe unique. This process started with only the Navy sneakers version for the first collection of the brand in FW16.The paint injection has grown to become a brand signature and a way to recognize the LE FLOW Paris identity and is now on almost all models.

The uniqueness of each shoe makes the process so special. The melt of paint and rubber brings an arty and poetic feel that clashes with the technicity of the ultra light sole. Japanese artist Akihito Takuma has been kind to let us use one of his painting in the visuals and is now a big supporter of the brand and a wearer of our footwear line. Le Flow Paris, a passion for sneakers and beauty.

More Info: http://leflow-paris.fr