OHMYBLUE was born out of a project by Elena Rizzi on 9 March 2013 in Venice. Its white space located in Campo San Tomà operates as a platform where the different realities of contemporary jewelry encounter a public curious to approach this vibrant and active world.

The gallery works with rare craftsmanship from around the world and dedicates them solo shows. The interiors, designed by Studio Tencalla Venice, conveys this vision by presenting the collection created by the founder on mobile exhibitors, making OHMYBLUE a unique space where the Contemporary materializes through the coexistence of different genres, gaining strength from juxtapositions.

Everyday international and local clients stop there to meet unique pieces, limited editions, historical or young names, living together in the spirit of OHMYBLUE and its research, based on a careful selection and the purpose of which is the deep pursuit of quality, according to a logic which provides its customers excellence in originality, craftsmanship and production conditions.

More Info: https://www.ohmyblue.com