NEHERA is a Slovak brand that has made history in Eastern European womenswear. Founded in 1930´s Czechoslovakia by the visionary entrepreneur Jan Nehera, over the years the brand has reached over 130 shops worldwide, that is in Europe, in the United States and in Africa. In 2014 it underwent a remarkable re-launch thanks to Ladislav and Bibiana Zdut, who have strongly believed in this aesthetic project, capable of merging sculpted silhouettes with a sartorial attitude, re-employing the timeless heritage of the Slovak and Czech tailor studios and factories originally founded by Jan Nehera himself.

Since 2015 NEHERA has been a constant presence in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week. The brand reaps the perks of Eastern-European collective approach to work and creativity, otherness and curiosity that is so typical for the rising wave of post-communist fashion. At the same time, it possesses Western elegance and high quality, precise attention to details and individuality of style. Four collections are prepared annually with the aim of providing a singular silhouette. An unpretentious choice for a confident yet enigmatic woman.

Former Czechoslovakia has always been regarded, geographically speaking, as a bridge between East and the West and NEHERA contemporary fashion features this double cultural influence. Today the label’s cosmopolitan DNA is valued around the globe, also by iconic stars like Tilda Swinton or Isabelle Huppert, to name a few.

The June 2017 edition of WHITE MAN & WOMAN- on stage from June 17th to 19th- marks the debut of NEHERA as Special Guest at the Only Woman Section; a section where the very best contemporary women´s collections are shown. Don´t leave this experience left to discover and learn more about NEHERA; about not only its timeless garments but also for the quality of its clothes and its philosophy.

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