“Parallel World” – where does the parallel world exist?

The Japanese jewellery artist Mari Ishikawa delves into the question in her work. The jewellery of Ishikawa is mysterious and transports us to another world. She uses plants are as symbols of the constant renewal of life and transforms them from the ephemeral into the permanent. Mari Ishikawa uses silver casts from Nature as a basis for her jewellery. With this technique she is able to emulate the textures of lichens, leaves and flowers and combined with other materials, which have their own history, she creates a new and completely different world-the parallel world.

When viewing her moonlight or black and white photographs of Nature, one can see a poetic connection with her jewellery. There images stir up stories and memories, requiring us to take pause and consider our natural environment.

The present publication includes jewellery and photographs from the artist spanning the period from 1999 until today. This work shows clearly that beauty surrounds us in the seemingly banal. It invites us to accept the invitation and look more closely on our next walk outdoors, because only then, will we become aware of the natural beauty and richness of our environment.

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