The Slavik Gallery is marking this year’s Vienna Festival with a piece of heaven on earth for lovers of fine art jewellery: an exhibition inspired by the song title “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” with truly heavenly works by Annamaria Zanella and Renzo Pasquale.

Annamaria Zanella loves the blue Giotto used in the Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padua. Blue and gold- the colours of the gates of heaven in Giotto’s Last Judgement- are also the colours of Zanella’s fascinating “Blue Crown” necklace, which lies upon the neck like a collar, sculptural but feather-light.

Gold brings us on to the divinely shining brooch “Aton” by Renzo Pasquale. Stone-cutter and gemmologist as well as artist, Pasquale crowned his work with a yellowish-gold wedge of quartz that seems to carve through the surface.

Common to these two artists’ contrasting jewellery is its high artistic and technical quality, which creates a wonderful harmony when they come together: Giotto’s blue, Bob Dylan’s song, jubilant putti on the ceilings in Prince Eugene’s winter palace, and Slavik gallery only a few moments down the Himmelpfortgasse: open yourself to new surprises and let yourself be carried away into heavenly spheres.

More Info: http://www.galerie-slavik.com