Ornamentum plans began, they asked Petra Zimmermann and Philip Sajet- both artists whom they have been showing prominently over the past decade, to hold coinciding exhibitions in their gallery space.  Confronted with the challenge, they reflected on their admiration of each other’s work and took it upon themselves to position the exhibition under a single umbrella, coming upon the title “Jewelry Is My Dearest Sin” to encompass the selection of both of their works- created and collected for this show.  Asked to comment on exhibiting together, the artists pondered the qualities joining their worlds together in conversation; even as the outcomes are dissimilar, there are traits found in both artists’ works such as the use (and distortion) of found objects, historical reverence- whether in the found materials or the techniques employed, and clear, bold forms which convey an extraordinary strength, even when humor is employed.

“It was an arranged alliance… but a very good one.  We both are on the same quest, but our roads are different.  We understand and appreciate each others points of arrival”

Philip Sajet

“On closer examination there are similarities to discover, like the use of found objects.  We are both using that which is there. One takes every-day material like nails or bottoms of a bottle, plastic fragments and collected pebbles, the other Cut-outs of ordinary print media and historical jewelry-material…

To exhibit with another artist does not mean to show two positions at the same time, but gives the opportunity to step into a dialog and /or discourse.”

Petra Zimmermann

Philip Sajet, Dutch, born 1953, has been exhibiting with Ornamentum within the gallery and at international fairs since 2007.  Jewelry Is My Dearest Sin marks Sajet’s 4th major exhibition with Ornamentum.  Currently residing in France, Sajet’s works can be found in countless museum and private collections worldwide.

Petra Zimmermann, Austria, born 1975, works and lives in Vienna, where she was honored with a solo exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts several years ago.  Zimmermann has been exhibiting with Ornamentum since 2008, within the gallery and at international fairs, her work can be found in countless museum and private collections worldwide.  Jewelry Is My Dearest Sin marks Zimmermann’s 3rd major exhibition with Ornamentum.

More Info: http://www.ornamentumgallery.com