JAMES KEARNS was born in Devon, England, and from an early age he showed a natural predilection towards avant-garde fashion. He moved to London to start his career as a designer and shoemaker and with no formal schooling, Kearns launched his eponymous brand in April, 2011 thanks to his enthusiasm and creativity. Based in East London, the designer sculpts and crafts his shoes himself, entirely by hand, as a way of giving a soul to his creations. He believes strongly in the principle that factory manufacturing cannot provide the same unique and personal finish as the artisan.

As well as being passionate about the traditional creative process, he loves unearthing materials that are difficult to source. As well as offering his clients a unique retail experience, his dedicated and intimate work has caught the attention of clients internationally. With the deep dedication and respect James Kearns has for his designs, the designer has continued to gather momentum and is a name to watch in the fashion sphere.

Every shoe is designed and produced with very little machinery. The leather is carefully selected to showcase its unique markings and blemishes; and with very traditional (and some more inventive techniques), James is able to create a range of superior footwear, that is unique in style and production. The simplicity and passion in his work can be seen in every pair of shoes.

More Info: http://www.jameskearns.co.uk