Inspired by the spectacular beauty of the Aurora Bordealis, expressed through various materials and colors, “Chromatic Fantasia” is the new ISSEY MIYAKE´s Autum/ Winter 2017 Collection.

“Aurora. A veil enveloping the sky.

Releasing. Overlapping. Intertwining.

Rippling. Shimmering. Changing.

An endless cycle of re-creation. The Vitality of life.

An abundance of blessings rain down on me.

At the edge of exultation and awe”.

“Chromatic Fantasia” comprises AURORAL:  These Series are Inspired by the spectacular beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Raw wool from Shetland sheep, born and bred under the Northern Lights, is dyed in five colors and combined into a single thread to create a linear and voluminous coat, woven in the color of the auroras. This group, whose fabric changes color depending on the angle it is viewed from, is finished in a graceful texture, with Ultrasuede strips woven into it. A phenomenon born from a combination of various materials and colors envelops the body.

PLASMA x “Baked Stretch”: Baked Stretch is a technique where by a special glue is printed on the fabric and baked with heat to create pleats. Overlapping wave and line patterns create an optical effect that expresses the powerful energy of electric plasma.

AURORAS x “Steam Stretch”: “Expanding on Steam Stretch, a technique by which creases are woven into A Piece Of Cloth using heat reactive thread which shrinks when steam is applied to the garment [a] – we have made it possible to create streamlined pleats from a square piece of cloth [b]. The form of three-dimensional clothing is created from this simple structure. This season, we have further pursued lightness in Steam Stretch, layering colors that release an aurora-like shimmer”.

ISSEY MIYAKE x UN is a shoe project with UNITED NUDE. Two new models make their appearance: WAVE, whose soles change colors depending on the angle they are seen from, and BUZZ, sneakers with unique white corrugated soles.

“Chromatic Fantasia” collection will be available in shops in early August, 2017.

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Issey Miyake´s Show took place at Salons de l’Hôtel de Ville – Paris with Live Music “Radio Waves” by Ei Wada.

Open Reel Ensemble member Ei Wada skillfully manipulates radio frequencies to express the enigmatic and ever-changing lights of the auroras as sound. Using a transmitter and two CRT televisions, he transmits audio sources from a keyboard and computer as radio waves. The radio waves are received through several radios and are converted into sounds which Wada mixes to perform. The mysterious sounds and melodious tunes draw you into a fantastical world.

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