Growing up In Amuka, a small village in the forests In the North of Israel near the Lebanese border, Hed Mayner started sewing from the age of 16, making his own patterns and garments .

He later studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, before moving to Paris where he enrolled at the prestigious Institut Français de laMmode. In Paris, he studied new aspects of fashion and craft, which enriched his aesthetic. Body language is key for Mayner. The attitude of his guy is confident, but never imposing.

Leaving enough freedom to the wearer to take his own stance, he creates unusual garments which have a realistic and pragmatic depth. Balancing thick and fluid, stiff and soft, hard and gentle, he underlines the importance of his own craft, as well as an inspired take on menswear staples.

Hed Mayner’s origins inspire the idea of spirituality, tradition, vulnerability, power and nobility. Collections that present a tension between fluid and structured pieces, influenced by traditional Jewish orthodox tailoring and military outwear. Hed Mayner balances the strength and vulnerability to deliver a timeless modern luxury to menswear.

More Info: http://www.hedmayner.com ……… http://boonparis.com