From war photography to social satire, artists re-think their take on documentary photography. It is a pioneering genre, which has slowly found its legitimate place on the art market thanks to the support of galleries and collectors who have recognised a unique artistic approach in these artists.

With Foto Doc’ Collection, fotofever presents its first ever exhibition, during the international photography festival “Les Rencontres d’Arles” and in collaboration with ten partner galleries. Foto Doc’ Collection will shed light on documentary photography as a collectible form of art: in presenting only original works (limited to a maximum of thirty editions), all available for purchase, from ten emerging international artists represented by a gallery.

The exhibition will be held from 3 July to 24 September 2017, in a stunning 17th century building, in the centre of historic Arles, owned by the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation. Founded in 2009 by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, a Puerto-Rican photographer, the Foundation is dedicated to documentary photography and film. It supports photo-reporters and photo-journalists who depict the social realities of emerging and developing countries.

David Nicolas Parel, born in 1978 in Annecy, the French-Swiss David Nicolas Parel is currently based in Geneva. Originally a film director, his photographic work started in 2012 when his brother Gary started body-building and asked him to capture the behind-the-scenes. Parel’s photographic approach is instinctive and the body’s expression is a common theme among his subjects. In 2016, with his series on bodybuilding, he is a finalist in the Reportage category of the prestigious Swiss Photo Award. His work is exhibited in December in a gallery in Paris and published in newspapers that take him out of the purely sporting world (Télérama, L’Union de Reims, La Tribune de Genève, L’Equipe Magazine …).

His goal for the end of 2017 is to publish a book on bodybuilding and more specifically on the ‘Arnold Classic’ which he has been photographing behind the scenes for 3 years, catching the athletes in moments of concentration but also Arnold Schwarzenegger, organizer of these events around the world.

In 2017, he continued his reporting behind the scenes of boxing or even theaters in Paris. He is also very much implicated in society themes; he went shooting with Handicap International Syrian refugees in Jordania, he follows children and teenagers who practice boxing in an association in a modest suburb near Paris, he is alsa working on documentary about prostitution in Geneva. The “Arnold Classic – Backstage” series particularly resonates with Parel because it represents his debut as an artist and a world that he knows well, himself being a former bodybuilder. For four years, he captured bodybuilding competitions from Bienne to Johannesburg.

David Nicolas Parel immersed himself behind the scenes in the world’s most important bodybuilding and fitness competitions: The Arnold Classic. These events are organized on five continents by Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself former star of the discipline. Backstages are usually forbidden to photographers, David was able to follow the life of these scenes and shoot moments of intimacy of the professional athletes and also Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team. The series sheds light on an intimate world. Beyond the fascination for supernatural bodies, the images highlight the humanity and solitude of these athletes.

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