Eight of the nest contemporary jewelry artists in the world are creating a special collection inspired by one of Santa Fe’s jewels – The Santa Fe Opera – and its world premiere in July of the opera based on the life and work of Steve Jobs. The highly anticipated work of composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell explores the spiritual journey of Jobs, the father of the computer revolution. The opera, according to Bates, “is about a man who learns to be human again”.

The Ivy Ross-curated exhibition of contemporary jewelry explores the tension of opposites, a quality that helped define Jobs. Patina owners Allison and Ivan Barnett are co-curators. In the spirit of Jobs, the curators present contemporary jewelry at the intersection of humanity and technology, arousing the spirit of revolution.

Ross is both an accomplished jewelry maker and respected Silicon Valley executive. Ross’ innovative metal work in jewelry is in the permanent collections of 12 international museums, including the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Vogue magazine called her 1980s New York City store “one of the most influential of the decade.”

Since then, Ross has headed design and development teams at, among others, Google, Calvin Klein, Coach and Bausch & Lomb. As a team leader, she is known for creating collaborative environments for innovation. She has a professional association with Doug Menuez.

To complement the jewelry exhibition, Patina features a photography exhibition by Doug Menuez, whose book Fearless Genius is an intimate portrait of Jobs at the most critical time in his life. For Menuez, the Steve Jobs-led computer revolution of the late-1980s, early-1990s was nothing less than a noble cause that reset the trajectory of the human race. To illustrate, he recalls a moment as he ended a talk on the most creative period in Silicon Valley history.

“I had one guy stand up at one of my lectures”, Menuez says. “He started crying and said he would go home, quit his job and start doing something important with his life”.

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