BIRGIT LAKEN AT ARTzaanstad 2017

Over 150 Artists and designers from the Netherlands are showing their work during the sixth edition of ARTzaanstad. Jewelry artist Birgit Laken is one of them. Attracting visitors with a genuine passion for art, from serious collectors to those buying their first original work, ARTzaanstad is stylish, spectacular and uniquely welcoming, taking place in a beautiful monumental building on the historical site Hembrug, at the border of Zaandam and Amsterdam, at the Noordzeekanaal. Enjoy works presented, carefully selected artists and designers from photography, editions and prints to painting, sculpture, installation and jewels, hats, bags and fashion.

Birgit Laken mainly develops her work through out a themed project which can evolve and grow over a period of time. In 1990 she edited a catalogue with the work she made with the Japanese Mokume Gane technique, a technique developed from the sword making.

In 2007 she was introduced to an innovative haptic 3D design program, specially developed for artists and designer/makers at the Edinburgh College of Art by her colleague Ann Marie Shillito. Occasionally, she got the possibility to test this program on its usability. Meanwhile, the new technique of 3D printing also achieved better results. In 2012 it became interesting for her to purchase this haptic 3D design program, which had now got the name Anarkik 3D Cloud9.

Since then, Birgit regularly makes designs to be 3D printed. She used the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) method, which connects polyamide powder, in a specialized company. The projects are currently underway, the “Heartwear” project, the “Summerland” project and now the theme “Animaled”.

The materials she uses are of a different kind, which can be coloured melamine, bamboo plates, a bright yellow toilet cover. These sometimes last a long time before they are used, but are irresistible finds for her.

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