ART OSAKA 2017 will be held on the weekend of July 8th and 9th (preview on July 7th) on the 26th floor, Hotel Granvia Osaka. The venue is directly accessible from JR Osaka station. ART OSAKA is one of the biggest art fairs in Japan, focusing on contemporary art. As a reputable, established art fair, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary. In hotel rooms with a homely feeling, visitors can view quality artworks presented by galleries with their unique aesthetics, and have the chance to purchase them on the spot.

54 galleries, specializing in contemporary art, from both Japan and abroad will participate in this yearʼs fair, turning 64 hotel rooms into exhibition booths. Special features of this yearʼs fair will be the participations of galleries from the non-Kansai regions as well as galleries participating in ART OSAKA for the first time. The fair will display works ranging from affordable pieces by young artists to masterpieces by internationally renowned artists. ART OSAKA 2017 will certainly be a place for visitors to experience high quality contemporary art with eclectic works of paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and installations using entire booths. Above all, Exhibition PLUS, a well-received, themed exhibition organized by the participating galleries will add unique characteristics to the fair. Kyoto City University of Arts will renew their exhibition format and create a special exhibition, Kyo-Gei transmit program: ART OSAKA version, organized by the university gallery, KCUA. Also, ART OSAKA 15th anniversary special talks will be held during the fair period (event details to be announced later).

One of the highlights of ART OSAKA is a large selection of affordable artworks by up-coming, young artists and popular, mid-career artists. Included are: Genta Kosumi (b.1974). Kosumi paints portraits with intense brush strokes and vivid colors. He designed a CD jacket for a music duo; EGO-WRAPPIN’. Yoshimasa Tsuchiya (b.1977). Tsuchiya participated in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museumʼs 90th Anniversary Exhibition with Katsura Funakoshi and other artists last year. He creates wooden sculpture, using animals as his motifs. Mugi Nakajima (b.1978). Nakajima employs a technique called dropping and keeps searching for possibilities in abstract painting through his colorful expression. Satoshi Kawata (b.1987). Kawata won the open call first-award at Rokko Meets Art 2016. He creates mural painting installations, turning walls in public spaces into dynamic sceneries. Kurumi Wakaki (b. 1985). Wakaki won the first award in Taro Okamoto Contemporary Award in 2009. Incorporating her own experience of being a marathon runner, she creates works that comically illustrates the relationship between her body and the surroundings.

Another highlight of the fair is that visitors will have a chance to look closely at artworks of leading international artists, whose works are rarely shown in art fairs. Included are: recent works by Morio Shioda (b.1931). Shioda self-studied sculpture in the 1950ʼs, and he is known for sculpture in which metal blocks are suspended in the air by the tension and pressure created by steel wires. SUMI, the major works by Katsuhiko Narita (b.1944-92). Narita was one of the main members of the Mono-ha movement between the 1960ʼs and 1970ʼs. Yasumasa Morimura (b.1951). Morimura had a major solo exhibition in National Museum of Art, Osaka, last year, and he is known for his unique technique for creating self-portraits. His earlier and less-known series Barco Negro on the table will be exhibited. The fair will have a plenty of artworks by other talented artists to create a fulfilling line-up for visitors.

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