“About Volume”s is a contemporary art jewelry exhibition curated by A/dornment – Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry and organized in partnership with Valorizzazioni Culturali. The partnership between the two organizations follows the mission of Valorizzazioni Culturali, in a broader perspective of a larger redevelopment of an area at the foot of the Rialto Bridge, in the heart of Venice.

The space is located in what is historically considered the area dedicated to the jewelry production in Venice, the Sottoportico degli Oresi. The desire to bring back to the top an ancient tradition, reading it in a modern, innovative and experimental way, was borne starting from the historical nature and identity of the place.

A/dornment continues in the wake of the research and work done in Milan during the Design Week, exploring the theme of volumes, conceived as a creative exploration and challenge of space by the forms, and declined on several subjects, expressed through multiple techniques, as well as treated towards different creative directions from various artists and designers.

From the apparent heaviness of wooden pieces by Fabrizio Bonvicini, to the metal and segmented geometric evolution of the creations by Martacarmela Sotelo, the exhibition presents a varied and diverse selection.

The formal optics illusion features for example the volumes of Anne-Sophie Vallée and Wing-han WONG, the first through the dynamism of shapes that change using magnets, the second through the tangle of wires.

Rie Makino and Ria Lins give rise to different type of jewelry, but in both cases they are the result of a careful and sophisticated work of fabrics and metals sewn together, must touch pieces, made to fit the body movements. María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo points to interactivity, with her playful and ironic version of pendants-colored kaleidoscopes. Pieces made by Zeta Tsermou express the pure essential graphics and perfect signs, while Iro Kaskani loves to explore the idea of space and symmetry through the combination of precious and non-precious materials. Letizia Maggio submits, together with a new version of the 5 rings “noble truths” in light silver, a new collection of silver and limoges porcelain necklaces made with photographic print. Myriam Bottazzi presents a collection of necklaces composed of imperfect, jagged, consumed and repeated circles and squares.

Participants: Fabrizio Bonvicini, Myriam Bottazzi, Iro Kaskani, Ria Lins, Letizia Maggio, Rie Makino, María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo, Martacarmela Sotelo, Zeta Tsermou, Anne–Sophie Vallée, Wing-han Wong.

More Info: https://www.adornment-jewelry.com