Noovo Festival arises out of the desire for an alternative event on the international circuit of contemporary festivals, positioning Santiago de Compostela and Galicia on the avant-garde axis of European cultural capitals.

From a unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama, Noovo Festival in Santiago de Compostela will join the ranks of celebrated fashion and photography festivals in other countries around the world. The very first event of its kind in Spain, Noovo Festival seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between fashion and photography.

On 1-4 November 2007, Noovo’s artistic concept will transform the city’s vast Plaza de la Quintana into a pulsing nexus where 30 fashion designers take to the runways on a specially erected stage overlooked by the baroque opulence of the Santiago Cathedral. Touching on fashion’s many moods and perspectives, the cerebral come together with the irreverent, the witty with the provocative and the graceful with the inventive. Some of the most talked-about young names from the fashion capitals rub shoulders with Spain’s next generation.

Having the status of World Heritage Site, Santiago de Compostela is an extraordinary, elegant, historic and monumental city, with a stimulating and pleasant atmosphere which makes it unique for an event of this kind. Participants in the fashion category include some of the highest calibre of creativity from around the world: Gareth Pugh, Boudicca, Three As Four, Eley Kishimoto, Patrik Söderstam, Cristóbal Vidal, José Castro, Inpe, Gloria Rodríguez- Figueroa, Lorena Rodríguez, Txell Miras, Luxoir, SinPatron, Jan iú Mès, Zazo&Brull, Romain Kremer, Romy Smits, Peter Pilotto, Petar Petrov and Mikio Sakabe.

In photography, phenomena like Seb Janiak, Pierre Gonnard, Wing Shya, Dino Dinco, Ari Versluis y Ellie Uyttenbroek, Michael James O'Brien, Miguel Villalobos, Ana Laura Aláez, Eugenio Recuenco and Daniel Riera will be exhibited . And fashion installations “Preludio”, by designers Zazo&Brull, and the performance by Henrik Vibskov will be a sensation.

Special presentations of publications such as the Fly DVD from New York, Art Notes with an edition in Galicia, New York and Latin America and B-guided from Barcelona bring yet another perspective to Noovo. The pioneering fashion, style and beauty festival You Wear It Well, commissioned by Diane Pernet and Dino Dinco, contains more than 20 works of some of the most exciting designers and filmmakers of the moment, and has visited spaces like the MoMu in Antwerp and the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The C-5 Gallery, curator of artists-photographers from Galicia, will tickle audiences with a meticulous selection of the best of the Galician scene: Fran Herbello, Félix Fernández, Andrea Costas, Marta Prieto

Creating a link between the media, industry, culture and designers at an international level, Noovo also gives a boost to the fashion schools of Galicia with a Loida Award for the Best New Designer, consisting of a jury of international prestige. To promote new values at the Galician schools is a fundamental objective of the Noovo Festival, which envisages a future full of more international exchange.

Noovo Festival will craft a fiercely up-to-date yet timeless stage for fashion and photography in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia’s capital of culture.

Directors and Co-Curators: Charo González and Jorge Margolles
Co-curators: Diane Pernet and C5 Gallery
International Press: Robb Young