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Noovo Editions

Noovo Editions is an independent editorial project with online and paper editions. First of its kind in Spain from an unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama,
Noovo seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between Fashion, Photography & Jewellery.
A platform to show the highest level of creativity from around the world

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Interviews -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------------.INTERVIEW WITH Miss Monroe - Photographs & interview by Gerald Jenkins
‘There’s nothing special about going crazy it’s been done a million times before....’ Ania Chorabik
............by Gerald Jenkins ----------------- http://www.geraldjenkins.net
Ania’s creative licence is fairly substantial-she paints good-makes good clothes-and then there’s the rest.

’Cement Pond’ poems by Ania Chorabik was published in April this year
(Frank Publishing). Her private papers that somehow came to a publishers desk.

She has just completed a feature film due for release in February ‘The Summer House’ (Sommarstället) portraying a pregnant woman-something that reflects her true condition in a rather chaotic rock n’ roll surrounding.

Besides me liking her music it is honest-real and true to her personality-stark, smart and sharp yet she has no audience and the bulk of it unreleased.

A poem from ‘Cement Pond’ -
Be like this
Be like that
You gotta do this
Maybe shit on your lips
Too fucked up, too extreme
Too strong, too REAL?
You know I can see
That’s why you despise me
You hate when I question
Cuz I see where you come from
And evil will never do.
I’m not one of your evil little fucking barbie
I am me
And I’ll speak my mind
Until you puke by the truth
So it may cost me my days of glory
So fucking be it
Does it make you feel good
To put young girls in distress
You fucking mess
Go heal your head
You can’t control me
And I feel no gratitude
To be a part of your factory
It stinks of dark souls
And small dicks in a can
I’m gone and I’m glad
Cuz evil will never do.

Frankie. Yeah okay we are rolling!
Marilynski. Oh my god...oh my god..oh my god I can’t believe it..it’s my turn!

Frankie. haha Umm How..oh god I’ve lost it..I don’t know where to start actually there’s.. I can I can chop them up.
Marilynski. Just do it randomly.

Frankie. Okay well how would you could describe the music industry in a word?
Marilynski. WANKERY

Frankie. Wankery..
‘So there’s nothing special about going crazy it’s been done a million times before’ Your quote..ahh that obviously-that involves the music industry as well yeah?
Marilynski. Yeah..I mean it’s just in general I guess.

Frankie. sure.
Marilynski. End of interview.
Frankie. Um I’m not doing very well.
Marilynski. Neither am I.
Frankie. How important is integrity?
Marilynski. very

Frankie. sure..okay here’s one - so Marilyn since we last spoke you’ve starred in a feature film portraying a pregnant woman. Is it true you became pregnant in order to play the role?
Marilynski. That’s not true but it makes a great story and you would be very devoted to your job and if you wouldn’t get an oscar for that... But no it’s not true-as it happens I was recommended to audition for the main part and when I got to see the synopsis I read it and I thought my god that included a lot of smoking, drinking and making out with strangers and I was like I think I could do it very well if I wasn’t like pregnant. That makes it very difficult with the belly and especially with framing and I thought that sucks because it suited me. So I mailed them and said I really like the part and I would like to audition and I would like to see you guys..but there’s a little detail to be aware of that I’m pregnant. I don’t know how you feel about that, if you want to see me and they were like okay that makes things a bit difficult but we would like to see you anyway, do you want to meet us? I said yes I would and a week later I auditioned for the main part and I really liked the directors-two guys, Marcus and Johan. I thought they had a good energy and I was comfortable with them. Afterwards I got a mail and they said ‘we’ll contact you’ and I thought what a shame such a good project, nice guys. So then I got a mail saying ‘we really like you we think you would be very suitable for this part for the pregnant person’ and I had read about the pregnant person before and I remember saying at the audition that I thought the pregnant person has such a boring part..she was like so proper and boring.

We discussed it further and they were willing to change the part to suit me and give me some scope to develop the character.

Frankie. So there was a desire for you all to work together?
Marilynski. Yeah well there was something magical that happened later when I got on set. When I saw the whole cast-the girls, all the girls were like me really ‘NUTS’ and I thought wow where have all these people come from.

Frankie. Are they english film makers or swedish?
Marilynski. Their names are Marcus Werner Hed and Johan von Reybekiel so right there I’m not thinking cockney rude boy. One of them lives in London and the other lives in Berlin and they mainly shoot documentaries so this was everyone’s first feature film including most of the actors. It was quite a rare thing. I was just so appreciative that they trusted me to develop the character and I found being pregnant and playing pregnant magnified my body changing experience.

Frankie. How pregnant were you when you made the film?
Marilynski. I was six months so it was pretty different for me. You know when the crew had their beer nights or the party scenes in the film when they’re actually drinking and smoking - working until 2 or 3 I’d be tucked up in bed. Goodnight.

Frankie. Where were you filming?
Marilynski. We were on the west coast of Sweden on an island called Rossö and there were two houses. One was a ruin and that’s where the crew were staying. The actors stayed in the “fresh and clean house”.

Frankie. Where do you think you’ll go with your acting.
Marilynski. I really like doing that so I’d like to continue doing more. Let’s see how the movie is received and what people make of my performance.
I’ve just completed two short films as well and I’ve felt an affinity with the
rolling camera much more so than with the still one. I first felt the incredible magic when I filmed my own two music videos - the power of motion picture is something so passionate to me, it makes me want to give it my all. I never get tired when the camera is rolling. It’s something I’ve always been intrigued by like when I was a little girl and I used to watch child actors on television and film and used to think it was out of my reach to be one of them. I don’t know why. I guess I used to think you had to be well connected or have famous parents and then I got sucked in by the modelling thing and that took over.

Frankie. You could say modelling is like junk food in comparison.
Marilynski. Yeah I guess so. But that came into my life unexpectedly when I was 16 and I thought okay maybe that’s my calling and I took it seriously and was proud to have my picture in magazines and blah blah. Then I realised this is actually bad for your self worth. I’d get so stressed by it because what it does is it takes young beautiful girls that are thin and make them feel old
ugly and fat.

Frankie. Not nice. Can we discuss this project you have coming up..are you not in line to play a singer in a film about the music industry. From what
I’ve heard isn’t it about fame and cruelty?

Marilynski. Yes I’m currently in line for another independent movie about a singer who gets into the whole fame game and then slowly it eats her up and she becomes her own worst enemy. I can’t say more than that, I’m hoping the project will happen.

Frankie. So this is happening just after you give birth. It sounds like you’re the new Elvis!
Marilynski. Hey stop it... you know before I used to be so fame driven because lots of bullshit would come into my ear about how I was going to be the next Madonna and all that crap you know what I mean and that made me likea secret prostitute. I’d be like ‘that’d be cool yeah’ and then it was like why would that be cool? It’s a secret prostitute.
The music I want to make it’s not mainstream in the sense of what is getting airplay these days. It’s like in the shadows and it’s for a minority. I haven’t made any new tracks recently (the last one I released a year ago) because the people who I’ve met-the ones who want to work with me just haven’t been my type. Not the right chemistry and vibe, you know. Their desire to create is different to mine. Their need for physical recognition is greater than mine. I’m just trying to be as real as possible to what drives me. That voice inside that doesn’t want to hear the bullshit involved. It’s a persistent problem I guess. Coz there’s young people out there who are willing to be manipulated just as long as the spotlight is shining on them. Try dealing with these guys these A&R dicks..there was this one guy, hewas like ‘oh yeah you’re cool-you’ve got this dark voice..we can make you like this
Depeche Mode style, how old are you?’ I was like I’m 27. He goes 27 fuck! Why’d you have to be so old...So obsessed..the whole industry is obsessed..artists these days..you have to be like 17 if you want that break so they can form them..have young fans and all that bullshit.

Frankie. Yeah it’s like we’re not allowed to praise the wisdom of a well walked path. It keeps getting swept over and we all have to create the path again. Maybe it’s cultural amnesia.
Marilynski. Certainly it’s about youth and youth only, that way we’ll feel old. Why does the modelling industry only want to have the youngest, the latest, the thinnest freshest when they’re 16 and call them super stars instead of having someone that has some character or substance..but no you don’t see that because it’s not possible without the “approval stamp” from the fashion police and it has nothing to do with talent and brains. And that doesn’t impress me.

Frankie. I always thought a star was something that could guide you in the night..in the darkness. A rock star or a movie star once had that ability through the freedom of being themselves. That’s not possible anymore..it’s manipulated from the outset.
Marilynski. When I started making music it was so spontaneous and real and raw and the guy I was working with would come over to my mother’s house when I was still living there and we’d set up in the lounge and close the doors. I had no clue about anything and I was like ‘oh let’s see what happens’ and I felt that it was good and I liked it and he liked it.

He would play me a track and every one was exactly what I loved and it’s a
great shame we never finished the project. We recorded 14 tracks unreleased..god I want to release it one day I don’t care if I’m 80.

You can check the single Miss Monroe here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC4bdITIL0Q
Ania’s Myspace www.myspace.com/aniaismissmonroe

Ania’s poetry book here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM9snswzD7Q&feature=related

Ania’s blog www.3ouncesofbloodpudding.blogspot.com

Photographs & interview by Gerald Jenkins www.geraldjenkins.net

Thanks to Gerald Jenkins ----------------- http://www.geraldjenkins.net

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