Noovo collaborates with some of the most renowned and interesting Museums, Institutions, Galleries, Events and PR agencies worldwide in the fields, covering and spreading to our audience their events and artists represented. With a Data Base of more than 22.500 professional contacts, Noovo has built its reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in contemporary art culture. 
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By joining us, you help to support our project. Noovo is an special project dedicated with passion to Contemporary Fashion, Photography and Art Jewellery. We urge you to join our vibrant, forward-thinking community contributing to the strength, character and reputation of Noovo.
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Noovo Monographs are series of visual online publications about Contemporary Fashion, Photography & Art Jewellery and is the result of a desire to create something new and individual. It is the culmination of a desire to publish interesting content to generate an inspiring and innovative approach to some of the best creators and relevant figures nowadays. As we do in our Special Paper Editions, each issue aims to feature both emerging and established talents from international contemporary scene. The unifying theme in those series is the commitment to and passion for art and creativity that these artist share. 
Noovo Online Monograph series is a curated editorial project in the form of books focusing on provides special material with specific emphasis on extraordinary visual material and documentation about each protagonist, seeking out cultural progression and distinction.

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