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Noovo Editions

Noovo Editions is an independent editorial project with online and paper editions. First of its kind in Spain from an unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama,
Noovo seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between Fashion, Photography & Jewellery.
A platform to show the highest level of creativity from around the world

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Interviews -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Krisztina Reisini a British citizen, of Hungarian heritage, has lived between London, Paris, Milan and New York: All commenced with marketing and photography moving into interior design through which she entered the world of high fashion. Fascinated by the personalities of Diana Vreeland, first director of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue America and the unforgettable Josephine Baker the soubrette of the Paradis Latin, her inspirations are the great Parisian fashion designers, the cinema post WW11. The Hollywood stylist Edit Head and the great photographers Lillian Bassman, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn who celebrated the creative genius of Balenciaga, Givenchy, Christian Dior and Schiaparelli have all interested the collection. The passion for hats comes from an innate "Tete A Chapeau". Creating head wear for a private international clientele has given her the desire to increase her circle of "collectors" offering a touch glamour and color for those dare to celebrate their uniqueness. Volutes, pleats and flounces of fabric made by hand without a pattern, just following her own stylistic vision, with a particular sensitivity to the codes of glamour, elegance and exclusivity. Kreisicouture signifies "one of a kind" A line of headpieces created in her Milan atelier: each piece is unique, entirely hand made by a process of pure free expression, fixed and cloncluded with the touch of master craftsmen who work with the designer. Hats that are "objets d'art".

The winter season of KREISICOUTURE confirms the vision of uniqueness and exclusivity of the designer Krisztina Reisini, who through the unmistakable and imaginative balance between craftsmanship and glamour, proposes a new series of headpieces with a high stylish and visual impact.

A collection of “objects of art”, hovering between couture and modern nonchalance, the result of a continuous research of materials and colors, which is enriched interpreting the cold of the winter months together with models inspired by historical female icons from the cinema and old Disney cartoons.

Among the new proposals stands the Faye beret, declined in several versions, ranging from padded velvet, to faux leather with printed crocodile or python effects, but also decor stripes of grosgrain and light feathers that reflect the same mix of elegance and audacity of Faye Dunaway in “Bonnie & Clyde”, or Mia, a cloche tribute to Mia Farrow in “The Great Gatsby”, convertible in new ways, thanks to the practical flexibility of ever so soft vintage “San Carlo” offered in a limited edition of felt in the shades of royal reds, burgundy, turquoise and acid green. The author of the novel “Out of Africa” suggests the model Blixen, a wide-brimmed black volume in lapin felt, adorned with a charming rooster feather crown in orange shades.

The new series is enriched with the shapes dedicated to trendy customers, such as the aviator hat Amelia, in faux leather or ecosuede with folding visor and its small shiny golden metal buckle and the classically modern Twiggy model, with a wide grosgrain band in the cruise colors blue/white/red.

Pooka is instead characterized by scattered punctures seemingly random, through a game of buttoning of precious twin cufflinks, that allow to transform the continuous line, a primary concept that also appears in Happy, made of rabbit fur felt, in alabaster white or black, with cheerful messages “Don’t worry” and “Be happy”, written on the combined links.

Among the continuing proposals the iconic volumes of the giant padded bearskin Airbag, which is proposed for this season in a crochet flannel, ice white, or in dark brown leather with snakeskin printed fabric with reversible interior; the high cuff Nolita, woven with threads of wool and vintage inserts, ecosuede and animated pied-depoule and Vichy graphics, the Sacchetto hood, closed with a top node and presented in soft velvet, mohair, tartan or pied-de-poule tweed and finally the inside-out Tallin, with side flaps, presented in solid color mohair or natural sheepskin.

The green perspective of the season brings Krisztina Reisini to revisit the previously proposed silhouette in fine mink or fox, through eco-friendly materials, such as faux leather or faux mink, as in the reversible tubular Ciuffo and the maxi Rasta beret, with printed satin interior and vintage multicolor geometry, come back in the big hood Magdi with a small internal hook that allows a combination of reversible closures front and back .

The collection is finally completed by a capsule of real “jewels for the head” inspired by the classic circles, but enhanced by applications and details that make each piece as a gem, evoking both a sense of irony and playful names taken from the world of cartoons of Walt Disney. Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Cruella and Adeline are the latest must-have of the winter season: headbands with romantic ruffles of tulle, adorned with fine, long, luxurious feathers and macro bows network, woven with coloured velvet polka dots or printed velvet with crocodile effect.

It is a crazy time for KreisiCouture. Now her studio have just completed her first collection commissioned by BORSALINO to be presented at PITTI next month and also her 3 collections naturally being presented as well in January, but she has time for us to give us this interview.

How did you get into headwear universe? What was your initial step?

I was blessed in this lfe with a TETE A CHAPEAU and initially had headpieces made for my head. Destiny had it that I started making hats for friends and friends of friends .et VOILA !!!!!!

Is there any fact that has masked your vision of Headwear? 
A very glamorous mother and HOLLYWOOD films from the forties, fifties and sixtees. 

When did you launch your brand?, What was the impetu and how was it for you?
KREISICOUTURE was launched three years ago and it has been very rewarding ambitious undertaking especially within todays economic forum. 

The image of the glamour seems to have an unavoidable relevance for you. What does elegance represent to you and how would you define it nowadays?
True elegance is innate and not something that you can purchase, not for any price. Today in our era it is yet something vey rare and hard to come by.

What means beauty for you? and, Is beauty the most important aspect in your creations?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and something that all creative people stive for! To creat beutiful things in life..what a gift to be able to achieve!.

You are fascinated by inspiring emblematic figures in the artistic and cultural past scene but actually, who inspire you from the our actual cultural scene? 
The list is very long as I am inspired with creative, knowledgeable people-
the things they make and do, their stories and the things they know! 

Stephen Jones, Yohji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Rei Kawakubo, Steven Meisel, Bruce Weber, Paolo Roversi, Annie Leibovitz, Daphne Guiness, Maxime De La Falaise, Prince, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, R. Kelly,  Beyoncé, Jullian Fellows...

Fashion is about more than clothes or accessories on a body, a mannequin or a rack. It tells us who we are or who we want to be. As part of everyday life, fashion reflects cultural and social changes.
A medium for express artistic concepts and communication without words...What do you think about it?
Vivre La Difference ABSOLUTELY we all need to find our own way of self expression, what ever it takes. 
We just sent out our best wishes for 2013 and the best I could do with the stress of closing out another year and making sure that I have hopefully gotten everything in order for the next 3 collections was to scan a quote from the unforgettable Diana Vreeland


Kreisi Cuture develops three different lines: KREISIMAN, KREISICUTURE Y CIRIMONIA, What is the common link between them not just at conceptual level but formal too?

Volutes, pleats and flounces of fabric made by hand without a pattern, just following your own stylistic vision, could you explain us a little bit more your creative process?
I love to sculpt with fabric. Drawing is not my forte, but give me material that I can fold, mold and hold together with straight pins and I am most times amazed at what transpires.

How important is for you the use of recycled and organic materials in your creations?, How do you choose what materials to work with?
If I am lucky to find recycled organic materials to work with then it is almost like giving life and purpose back to the material .  Selecting materials depends on what inspires me at the moment.

Do you think fashion designers have a responsibility to design sustainably?
In a perfect world?

How do new technologies, even internet or social networks affect in the way you work?
OMG what a great world we live in, there is no end, no limits to the information that is available to us globally and at just one little click..AMAZING !!!!!!!!

In a globally neurotic and consumerist society, full of imitations and repetitive ideas, what is in your opinion the remarkable sign of Kreisi Couture?
Street wearing one of my headpieces and people respond with a big smile! At that remarkable moment  I know that I have brought some joy into their life for one fleeting moment!

Is there any special piece which you have designed and why?
i was inspired by the material and really wanted to dom a feathered headpice, my 1st which I babtisedANANASBlack feathers held together and wrapped with black silk.

If you were a type of a headwear, what it would be?
Something  oversized and extremely light weight!

If you are not a headwear designer, which profession would have chosen?
Singer, Dancer  or a Musician.

What do you think about the famous phrase "Style is a simple way of saying complicated things"?
I believe that style is something extremely innate as I stated at the beginning of this interview, something that one is born with  and for this reason totally natural and un complicated.

What are you most passionate about?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Info: http://www.kreisicouture.com

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