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Noovo Editions is an independent editorial project with online and paper editions. First of its kind in Spain from an unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama,
Noovo seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between Fashion, Photography & Jewellery.
A platform to show the highest level of creativity from around the world

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Interviews ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------...............----Claire Ginzler



We have the opportunity to interview Claire Ginzler, Freelance fashion stylist and Fashion Director of On/Off event. We know she was hectic, so we really appreciate the time she spent to bring us her thoughts about Fashion, Styling and her ideas for young designers.

Could you introduce yourself?

I have been Fashion Director of On|Off for the past 7 years, working to bring new designers to the forecourt during London Fashion Week. I also style for top TV shows, shoot international editorials and work on other big shows throughout the year.

What made you decide to step into this profession?

I was a buyer for the Arcadia Group for 4 years however I longed for something more creative. I decided to leave with no job lined up and as persistence would have it landed a job on 'The Clothes Show' - one of the biggest TV programmed of the 90's. I worked alongside Caryn Franklin (journalist, tv presenter, ex ID mag fashion editor) and Jane Galpin (major fashion producer) who have been big influences in my life and still are today.

What were the influences early on that made you love fashion so?

Watching Caryn Franklin on BBC1's The Clothes Show as a teenager every Sunday night - it was THE fashion programme to watch and talk about and magazines such as Vogue, The Face (before it folded) and ID

What do you do as a fashion stylist? what does it involve and what is a typical day for you?

Everyday is different for me, thats' what I love about my job. Depending on whether i am working on a big show or as a personal stylist I could be arranging appointments with various press offices, working with designers that feature as part of On|Off or scouring the shops for clothes.

Do you think fashion as any other avant-garde creation must be responsible of his potencial conscience, and has to question and motivate a change torwards respect and diversity?

I think that because of its nature and tradition of ‘exhibiting’ itself on a seasonal basis, fashion has a reasonable potential to communicate ideas to a specific audience. People will always consider, if not at least analyse, what a designer has to say if their work seems relevant enough. I consider my personal concerns with the state of the world – often within society and culture – and I find myself being inspired by the need to communicate or highlight certain issues, in my own visual way. I see it as my responsibility to communicate a positive message, rather than just to communicate an aesthetic, or a trend, or style, etc…

What is the best piece of advice that you can give someone on looking stylish?

I would always suggest dressing for your body shape and not following too many trends at once and if you don't feel comfortable in it then don't wear it.

How would you describe your personal style?

I use to be very much about the trend of the moment but with age and experience I know now what suits me and what doesn't so I would describe my style though as typically London, mixing textures, designer with high street or vintage.

For some people trends are uprising that absorb the fashion system and in one way convert the designer´s creations in a disposable products season after season. What is your opinion about this?

At the end of the day fashion is a commercial business and designers need to make money. Trends happen so that the press and high street can translate to the consumers in a way that can excite them to buy. Personally though, London is not about trends necessarily. London is more creative and designers show their signature, trends come second.

Who are some of the designers you've styled for?

To name a few that I have styled/consulted for are...Gardem, Aimee McWilliams, Sman Yousefzada and Robert Cary Williams.

Could you name some of your best designers out there today?

I appreciate and admire established designers such as Vivenne Westwood as she has pushed boundaries with her pattern cutting and and has created trends that has revolutionised how we look and wear clothes today.
Up and coming designers such as Aimee McWilliams whose couture designs are completely inspiring to me due to the unique textures, attention to detail and her passion that shows in her brand. When I first met her I got goose bumps as I found her dedication so inspiring.
I also love Luella's collections as they are formed around characters. You never know what you are going to get next, but there is always a fun element and her eccentric English humour comes through.

What is fashion for you?

A business that I love and rewards me especially when I see designers who we have helped and had the courage to show first and then they go on to become widely known within the industry such as Mark Fast and Peter Pilotto

On|Off is the UK’s original, independent fashion showcase during London Fashion Week. Since 2003, it has uniquely bridged the gap between on and off schedule designers and is praised by international press and buyers for creating a unique platform to showcase designer’s collections, by pushing the boundaries of contemporary exhibition space.

Could you talk us about how is being the Director of On/Off event?

Each season, I interview lots of up and coming designers and get to see and sometimes discover some great talent. I am under a lot of pressure to find the next Christopher Kane, people seem to forget that these types of designers are very rare to find. However, when I do meet someone that talented it's an amazing feeling.

How the idea of having an event of this kind during London Fashion Week comes up?

I met Lee Lapthorne, the founder and creative director of On|Off when I was styling a catwalk show at a college that Lee was lecturing. We connected immediately, and he mentioned he had an exciting idea and asked me to direct the fashion...It started off as just a party, inviting along designers, press and buyers and then grew to an actual fashion event. The first was at The National Army Museum off Sloane Square, then to The Royal Academy of Arts and then this season at 180 The Strand.

Fashion and Art, Why do you believe this eternal difference has established?

I disagree- surely everyone considers high fashion to be art, even though fashion is primarily utilitarian.

Could you describe your philosophy about fashion?

Fashion is a business, but to the consumer, fashion allows you to play a character and express your personality. Using it as a tool to enable assimilation into social hierarchies.

How do you manage to scout up and coming designers for your event?

As a stylist you are always out and about, visit a lot of PR's and listen to recommendations. I also know some people who work on the main markets and within the industry generally and they tend to push people my way.

If a designer would like to take part of this event, what skills would they need?

Business acumen, design and creative knowledge, desire to achieve and imagination.

What advice do you have for young designers who wants to get involve in this event?

Before applying online at our website (www.thedoll.org/onoff) ensure you
have the following set up:
1. business plan
2. manufacturing/production
3. website

Could you explain a little bit more about On|Off Paris Showroom?
This season is our first stand alone showroom where buyers and press can have an intimate viewing of the new collections. Previously we were within an organised trade show at Paris.

How do you value the presence of the selected designers for the occasion?

Highly or they wouldn't be showing with us. We cherry pick designers from around the world based on their talent, passion and longevity within the industry.

In your opinion, do you believe that the collaboration with another independent projects could be important to reinforme the alternative idiosyncrasy of On/Off event?

Competition is healthy. We offer an unique, unrivalled platform for young designers. By there being separate organisations we are able to bring more talent to the London Fashion Week. This can only be good thing.

What are the On/Off plans for the future?

To stay radical.

To get finished, Could you give us a slogan that defines the current fashion scene?

“can we move forward rather than back?” this reflects the 80's fashion I have done once and didn't really need to see again!

More Information:
web: http://www.claireginzler.com/
web On/Off: http://www.thedoll.org/onoff
email: claireginzler@thedoll.org

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